Content Editing Services

Content editing services

If you have the capability to clearly express your ideas but just need someone with a finer grasp of Standard Edited English conventions to look over your writing, Rhetorical Effect, LLC can help.

Little Things Make a Big Rhetorical Effect

Contact Rhetorical Effect, LLCWhen it comes to the written word, little things can make a big difference in meaning and in the effect the content has on your audience. To say what you mean and keep the focus on that meaning, you need to make sure that your content is grammatically and mechanically perfect.

Non-Fiction Content Editing

Rhetorical Effect, LLC can perfect your content with editing services for a wide range of non-fiction prose, including:

Online and Print Marketing Materials

The quality of the content on your business’ website is a reflection of the quality of your products, services, and professional capability. Every spelling, grammar, and mechanical error—including “textisms”—can chip away at your customers’ confidence in your brand. Unless truncated spellings and slangy acronyms are essential to making a connection with your target audience, your web content needs to adhere to Standard Edited English conventions. Rhetorical Effect, LLC perfects your web content to achieve the trust-building effect you desire.

Self-Publications and Academic Papers

*including graduate and post-graduate theses Rhetorical Effect, LLC can help students in higher education and aspiring authors perfect their academic work or manuscript for submission and/or publication. We offer different types of editing to provide the reader feedback or proofreading services you need.

Structural Editing

Our content editor can help you develop your graduate/post-graduate or independent work by serving as a test audience to provide you with critical feedback to identify:

  • Organizational issues
  • Problematic reasoning
  • Insufficient or irrelevant support

In order to provide you with the most useful feedback, your editor will need context for your work, so your editor will conduct an interview to understand your field of study in general and your research focus and goals in particular.

Proofreading & Citation Checking

By the time you are nearing submission of your graduate thesis, post-graduate dissertation, or manuscript, you have probably read it multiple times. When you are that familiar with your work, it is easy to overlook typos, missed punctuation, etc. Rhetorical Effect, LLC can lend a critical eye to catch and correct errors.

Our content editor can also lend assistance perfecting citations and double-checking electronic source locations. To make sure that most up-to-date citation guidelines are applied, please provide the style guide edition for the citation style employed in your thesis or dissertation.

Business Documents

Business plans, prospectuses, etc.

Job Application Documents

Resumes, cover letters and other supporting documentation

Pro Se Legal Documents

Letters, motions, responses, etc.

Rates for Rhetorical Effect, LLC’s content editing, copy-editing/proofreading, and citation checking are determined based on the length of the work and the turn-around time desired.

Editing Conventions

Some conventions of Standard Editing English are universal; some are not. A number of academic disciplines and publication platforms have their own set of grammatical and/or mechanical conventions. The content editor at Rhetorical Effect, LLC can edit your text according to any style conventions you require. Please let your editor know about any specific guidelines during your initial consultation and bring any style guides or other reference materials.

Contact Rhetorical Effect, LLC for a free half-hour consultation to discuss your content editing needs. We will prepare a custom quote to deliver the services you need at rates you can afford.

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