Writing Instruction and Content Development Coaching

Rhetorical Effect, LLC can help writers of any age or level of practice improve the effectiveness of their writing process and content with one-on-one or small group writing instruction.

Content Development Coaching for Professionals

Job descriptions are always changing. So, content development may become part of your assigned duties at any time. If you have been tasked with writing content for your organization’s website, blog, or other marketing channels, Rhetorical Effect, LLC can coach you into becoming a more confident content developer.

Our content specialist can provide simulated classroom and lab instruction on-site that covers:

  • Best marketing copywriting practices
  • On-page SEO strategies
  • Content publication timing and scheduling

Content development coaching can help you build your confidence and become a more disciplined writer, allowing you to become an invaluable asset to your team and making you a more marketable employee.

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Individualized Composition Instruction for Students

The founder of Rhetorical Effect, LLC has taught English from sixth grade all the way up to college. She is also a professional content specialist and editor. She has made her living by crafting and refining words and enjoys the play and power of language…and she makes it her goal to get you to feel the same way.

Difficulty in middle and high school language arts is often less a matter of lack of understanding; it is usually the result of lack of interest. Individualized tutoring from Rhetorical Effect, LLC can help you see the real-world application of your English classroom activities. Centuries-old stories and punctuation placement really do have relevance to your life, and once you see that, “getting” English often comes naturally.

To that end, Rhetorical Effect, LLC provides individualized tutoring to help middle and high school students in all areas of language arts, including:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Literary analysis
  • Essay writing (including college admissions essays and research papers)
  • Grammar, mechanics, and punctuation

Your tutor can help you complete problems sets, activities, and tasks assigned at school or provide supplemental practice to help you master concepts and gain confidence in your reading and writing abilities.

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