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Rhetorical Effect, LLC is a small content-for-hire firm based in Albuquerque, New Mexico founded by a teacher/freelance writer to provide small businesses, non-profits, and individuals the content they need to succeed.

About the Content Specialist

Rhetorical Effect, LLC was founded by Jackie, a teacher and professional writer. Jackie was trained as a high school English teacher and went on to get her master’s degree in Teaching of Writing (rhetoric & composition), which equipped her to teach first-year college-level writing courses. All the writing required throughout her education turned Jackie into a capable writer who could not only research and compose lengthy academic essays but also apply her skills to other writing situations—grant writing, search engine optimized internet marketing copy, blogging, and more.

Finding that many people lack the time or the confidence in their own writing abilities, Jackie puts her expertise to work, developing original content and providing expert consultation and content coaching for hire.

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About the Name: What is a Rhetorical Effect?

The name Rhetorical Effect, LLC comes from the study of the rhetorical situation.

Every type of communication has a rhetorical situation that involves a complex interplay between four major elements:

  1. The speaker or writer
  2. The audience
  3. The message
  4. The context that has both created and surrounds the situation

Rhetorical triangleThe rhetorical situation is often graphically represented as a triangle:

The rhetorical effect is the effect or outcome created by the speaker’s character and credibility, the quality of the message, sensitivity to the audience’s needs and moods.

The desired rhetorical effect may be:

  • Getting potential clients to call or visit your business
  • Compelling funders to support your NPO or start-up
  • Motivating employers to hire you from the sea of candidates

Rhetorical Effect, LLC can help you achieve the desired rhetorical effect for your small business or NPO through quality content crafted for online, print, and in-person presentation.

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